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Luisito Rosario is an experienced Salsa singer with 20 yrs of experience, a charismatic and commanding stage presence. Born and raised in New Jersey with his Puerto Rican decent has always appreciated his Latin roots. The proximity of New York City, across the Hudson River where Salsa started in the sixties, influenced Luisito’s formative years listening to all the Salsa legends of the decade. His love for great Salsa era, especially the members of the Fania All-Stars, inspired Luisito to pursue a singing career in the genre of Salsa music.

In 1996, the legendary Larry Harlow from the Fania All-Stars hired Luisito to be lead vocalist for his orchestra. It’s been 23 successful years and they are still going strong. In 2002 Luisito recorded “Tumba y Bongo in Harlow’s 35th anniversary CD, where he and the late Nestor Sanchez also recorded all the background vocals. Also in 1996 Luisito joined the popular Salsa band from New York City “Grupo Hechizo” and recorded lead vocals in their 1998 CD “Sin Limites” where it charted in the Top Five in the record pools. Luisito toured US, South America, and Europe collecting fans along the way.

In 1999 Luisito was asked to join “Los Hermanos Moreno” and remained with them for five years, also traveling the world and learned more tricks of the trade at incorporating audience’s participation in all of the shows.

In 2001 Luisito teamed up with Mambo City Music LTD and launched his first solo CD “JURAME”, showcasing all that he had learned from Harlow and Los Hermanos Moreno. With arrangements by Cuto Soto and Lucho Cueto his romantic Salsa CD marked him as a solo artist with an array of flavors.

In 2005 he releases his second solo CD “Rumba Del Barrio” which featured the hardcore version of Salsa. Keeping all the different version of Salsa music, he focus on Charanga, Son , Mambo , Guajira and just straight forward old school style Salsa. This CD was dedicated to all the Salsa lovers of the world making him a favorite artist to the Salseros of the heart.

In 2010 Luisito releases his third CD “Casino Rueda” where he showed his skills as a composer and producer. The CD included three English Salsa version, three romantic tracks and of course, four hard hitting “Salsa Dura” tracks. He also teamed up with “Croma Latina” from Italy recording a hit “Corazon Partido” which became a Europe favorite. And teamed up with the best arranges, Tommy Villariny, Jose Madera, and Julito Alvarado to create a Salsa lover dream production.

In 2014 “Vengo A Mi Modo” where the title says it all. He went outside the box and focused on the Big Band sound of yesteryears. Featuring 2 songs (Escuchame and Princesa) with a 16 piece orchestra backing him up, which will be a collectors dream. One duet song (Fuiste Tu) with up and coming (Linda Caldas) from Cali, Colombia so radio friendly tune. Another duo with Croma Latina (Son que Son).  The entire cd will focus on the big band sound with catchy lyrics and also very danceable arrangements. This by far will be Luisito’s best recording and will truly reflect the passion, pride and respect that he has for Salsa.

In 2017 he released “Si Me Amaras” which includes romantic salsa as well as hot danceable tracks always focusing on his roots to the Classic Salsa sounds of the 70’s.

In 2018 he has teamed up with 2 living legends feat. Andy Harlow on the flute on a remake of Tite Curet  Alson’s “El Primer Montuno” which was a major hit in the 70’s. His second single will feat. Larry Harlow on the piano bringing back that Salsa Dura with his single track “Salsa Enterna”. Luisito’s mission is to revive that old school Salsa sound and make it popular and fresh again. EH LA COSA.


In 2020 he comes with his latest single "Belen" is sure to make alot of noise in the Salsa scene all over the world. This single comes with a blast from the past with hard hitting arrangement and conga solo's and great vocals. Luisito Rosario a worldwide entertainer. 

In 2021 his latest single "Quien Dijo Miedo" which is a remake of Salsa Legend Sammy Marreo a hard hitting Salsa tune with great solos of Trumpet and Timbales for the delight of Salsa lovers all over the world. 

In 2022 he invited Lisett Morales on a classic remake of "Nadie Se Salva De La Rumba" honoring the music of the great Salsa artists Celia Cruz, Ray Barretto and Adalbero Santiago which was a big hit in the 70's

Also in 2022 Luisito decided to take faith into his own hands and wrote the lyrics to his latest single called

"MIRAME" which brings back the romantic Salsa with

great musical arrangements and also strong vocals which for sure will be everyone's favorite. 

In 2023 Luisito he paid tribute to the great Charlie Palmeri and rerecorded "Swing Y Son" adding a twist by inviting Alfredo De La Fe on the violin and also adding a smoking trumpet solo by "Luis Bravo Caicedo" making it a dancers favorite when it comes to son. 

Keeping in track with Luisito's romantic side he released and single called "Bebe Dame" which also topped the charts in Mexico, Colombia, Spain and US.

To end the 2023 year Luisito releases a Christmas single called "Huele A Navidad" which very fast becomes a people's favorite which brings the real feel of a Christmas experience in Puerto Rico. 

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